08: Vincent Van Gogh X Utagawa Hiroshige - 1887 / 1857


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Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker discuss the Collab of the 80s - the 1880s that is, Van Gogh’s master studies of Japanese printmaker master Utagawa Hiroshige.

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We try to unpack the difference between influence, appropriation, and just good ol’ fashion theft. We discuss the subtle ways Van Gogh was forever changed into the artist he is known for by the wholly new-to-the-west Japanese Ukiyo-e prints. But do VG’s studies belong in the Art Slice Museum???

Hopefully by the end you’ll agree that Pablo Picasso was a dipshit, and great artists do not, in fact, steal. They instead give credit where credit is due, stay open to the world around them, and process their influences into something unique to them.

Our Art Pantry of the week is Negative Space. In this episode, we discuss Hiroshige’s lasting influence on Van Gogh.

Topics include: Japonisme, World’s Fairs, Ukiyo-e prints, Kano School of Painting, Japanese Woodblocks, and English Basel’s polymer clay Sailor Moon figurines.

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