10: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Detroit - The Detroit Industry Murals Manifesto - Part 1


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Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker discuss Frida Kahlo’s and Diego Rivera’s time in Detroit, Michigan - a moment in time that proved to be a turning point in both of their artistic careers as well as their personal lives.

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“Detroit Industry Murals Manifesto”, starts with Diego Rivera’s epic Detroit Industry Murals where a universal vision of equality was taken to new heights (literally).

Even though Rivera’s commission came with controversy and criticism from the start due to his Communist beliefs, nevertheless Detroit Industry brilliantly combined Renaissance fresco with a modern and inspiring narrative of the working class. And even after 88 years, they still stand at the Detroit Institute of Arts as a reminder of a desperate and hopeless time when such a bold statement of unity brought inspiration to the workers of the Ford Motor Company yet it still resonates to this day.

Frida Kahlo is also introduced as she leaves Mexico for the first time, along Diego’s side, and gets to experience how the ‘American Dream’ involves individualism and Capitalism, among the modern and industrializing city of Detroit.

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