14: Hilma af Klint - Our Lady of Purpose - (Part 1) The Ten Largest - 1907


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After a summer Art History hiatus, Stephanie Dueñas and Russell Shoemaker (finally) discuss Swedish painter Hilma af Klint’s journey to abstraction, from a young girl in Navy Cadet school to an accomplished, individual, and independent female artist - a rare combination in the 19th century. Hilma is often sensationalized as a mystical hermit artist who spoke to ghosts, or as the inventor of abstract art - both of which sound sexy for an exhibition - but do a disservice to an artist who worked with such intentionality and purpose throughout her life. Hilma's interest in the unseen, science, religion, clairvoyance, and meditation would lead her to find the connective threads between representation and abstraction. For example, like in The Ten Largest ; Ten giant, powerful, and vibrant paintings, while deeply personal to her, have a universal message everyone can connect to. Topics include Madame Helena Blavatsky, Theosophy, gweenies, God Bod, astral chore coats, ice-cream sampling, Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band De Fem, and pony parties. Our Art Pantry of the week is Automatic Drawing. The song featured in this episode was ‘Kāra’ by Hninja which can be found here. Consider supporting their work! https://hninja.bandcamp.com/ Reviewing, subscribing, liking, and sharing really helps support the show: Follow us on twitter, tiktok, youtube, and instagram. Consider subscribing and leaving us a review on apple podcasts. Fill out our color surveys here: http://linktr.ee/artslicepod You can pick up a 4 pack of stickers to help support the show: http://linktr.ee/artslicepod

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