Secular Sexuality 09.23 06-09-2022 with Christy Powell, Nate Smith, and ObjectivelyDan


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Peanut butter and jelly, apples and bananas, condoms and non-oil based lube; some things feel like they're just built to go together. If you’re a fan of Secular Sexuality however you may not like PB&J- we suspect there are more peanut butter and banana people out there then Kinsey’s classical survey data may indicate. So what happens when 3 bananas decide to buck the ancient social order and make their own life for themself? Well, bad jokes, for one, but also a Secular Sexuality episode about complementarianism and the gender myths that still impact our lives. Christy, Nate and ObjectivelyDan, what’s turning us on and your calls and questions on this week’s SecX! Dive deeper into the episode and find what’s turning us on this week at

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