The Atheist Experience 26.16 04-17-2022 with Jim Barrows and Forrest Valkai


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Welcome to another episode of the Atheist experience! This week, Jim Barrows is joined by Forrest Valkai! First up is Alex from Israel who wants to talk about lucid dreaming and its possible naturalistic explanatory power for out of body & near death experiences. Next is Nate from CA who identifies as an atheist, but takes a 50/50 confidence stance on the true/false claim that a God exists. Next is Brett from MO who asks us if Atheism is an objective position or subjective? Up next is Matthew from SC who doesn’t understand what makes someone biologically transgender, versus someone just “choosing” to identify as a sex they weren’t born as. Next up is Theodore from PA who reasons that after death, our consciousness continues onward via the consciousness of others. So is consciousness like an organic version of distributed computing? Next up is Jay from TX who claims to have had a near death experience, and believes it to be evidence of the afterlife. Finally, Jay from MO is calling in to present the standard “it’s just a theory” gish gallop. The call comes with such great quotes like “Life can’t come from nothing,” and “Where does electricity come from?”

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