The Atheist Experience 26.17 04-24-2022 with Matt Dillahunty and Everyday Atheist


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In today’s episode of The Atheist Experience, Matt is joined by Everyday_Atheist to see how capable callers are answering questions this week. First caller is Dane in KS who is suggesting that a bracelet that dates back to the 14th century BCE is proof that the Bible is true. How does this bracelet confirm the Biblical stories in a way that proves god? In 2,000 years, when NY City is dug up, will it confirm that Spider Man is real? Next caller is Jamaal from CA who believes that our consciousness is our soul since we don’t have a scientific explanation for consciousness. He believes that consciousness can affect the brain state and that the supernatural explains experiences. If we don’t have an explanation, you don’t get to make something up. Labels that religions tie to a soul are emergent properties of the brain. You can’t solve a mystery by appealing to a bigger mystery. Can you prove that consciousness is magic and that it exists? How do you know that consciousness is a soul? James in SC brings up how other animals than humans are living in original sin, and how there are 450 species that engage in same sex acts. Matt puts on his Christian hat to explain that human beings are the only ones who have a duty to god and are accountable to the law. How is it there is the serpent that was cursed to crawl on his belly? Jelmer in the Netherlands wants to remove the word existence by saying if there is a god that is foundational reality, then either it is true that foundational reality has defined properties or it is not true. If your conclusion at the end is still either god exists or god does not exist, then why go through all the trouble? What is the point of presenting an argument that we ultimately agree on? Jack in FL would like to talk about the transcendental argument for god. He states that either our worldviews are going to bottom out or we are going to fall into a coherent paradigm or it will be an infinite set of justifications for our beliefs. He thinks that atheists don’t have the basis for logical reasoning. Justin points out that he is begging the question. Matt asks: How do you show that logic is in fact ungrounded? How did you determine that these things must have a grounding? Jon in Canada claims that BLM is harming black people because it teaches to resist arrest and people end up getting killed. What difference does it make if BLM has any connection to Black Nonbelievers? We don’t believe you have a point. Vanamali in IL wants to know what the difference is between death cults and religion. It is not about the number of people. Not everything that is under the umbrella of religion is on equal footage to its harm. Death cults hold views that isolate people ultimately resulting in their death. Thank you for tuning in! We look forward to seeing you back here again so please follow the guidelines and stay safe.

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