The Non-Prophets 21.16 04-17-2022 with Secular Rarity, Kelley Laughlin, and Teo el Ateo


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.16 airing Sunday, April 17 2022 featuring Secular Rarity, Kelley and Mateo Ateo Happy zombie Jesus Day! The showers have fallen and spring has sprung. That means that your faithless Non-Prophets are stomping through the puddles of yellow journalism to bring you the hardest hitting news story… Hmmm should have phrased that better. This week it is all about Operation Blitz. What it is, some examples, and how it is going to affect the lives of not just the faithless, but of all peoples. Including the ones it is trying to “help”. With our new segment The Blitz Report we hope to bring you more of these pushes to put religion into government. We also look into a step in the right direction where an Alabama school district has ended school mandated prayer before each game. Or was it? Yes, but maybe no! This is likely going to be a dirty fight to go on for ages! See you next time! [03:34] Segment 1 - The Jesus Movement [26:17] Segment 2 - BLITZ REPORT - What is Operation Blitz? [47:11] Segment 3 - CA GOP Secretary of State Candidate Rachel Hamm Wants to ‘Make It Hard’ for People to Vote [1:06:48] Segment 4 - SITRD - No more prayer before football in AL

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