The Non-Prophets 21.17 04-24-2022 with Emma Thorne, Teo el Ateo, Cynthia McDonald, and Malty


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The Non-Prophets, Episode 21.17 airing Sunday, April 24, 2022 @3:00pm CT featuring Malty, Emma Thorne, Teo el Ateo and Cynthia McDonald Welcome back to another episode of The Non-Prophets. This week we have a new special guest for you. We have new to The Non-Prophets (though not to the ACA) Emma Thorne! Malty takes us into another packed episode with the voice, Cynthia McDonald, and everyone favorite toon Tel El Ateo! This week’s episode covers the Catholic Diocese wanting to be a “friend of the court” in an Idaho abortion bill lawsuit. Planned Parenthood claimed the bill unconstitutional. The Pastor of First United Methodist wants his parishioners to “give up whiteness” for lent. We have a cautionary tale from The Gospel Coalition about the evils of Multi Level Marketing and some good news, MLMs are shrinking. Ending with some good old Chritain Nationalist bullpucky from Ali Alexander on Alex Jones’s InfoWars. May it rest in peace…pieces Segment 1 - Catholic Dioceses, Idaho “Friend of the Court”? Catholic church asks to intervene in Idaho abortion lawsuit By REBECCA BOONE April 12, 2022 / AP News States move to front lines in battle over abortion rights with Supreme Court decision looming BY MELISSA QUINN JANUARY 20, 2022 / CBS News Segment 2 - ‘Fasting from whiteness’ for Lent Oak Park pastor who urged a ‘fasting from whiteness’ for Lent gets worldwide attention BY STEFANO ESPOSITO Apr 8, 2022 / Chicago Sun Times Segment 3 - Christians cautioned as MLMs continue to shrink Beware the ‘Christian’ Pitch to Join Multi Level Marketing: BY WILL ANDERSON Jan 28, 2022 / The Gospel Coalition Forced Optimism: MLMs Overlap With Christianity Yet Again BY CAPTAIN CASSIDY Oct 12, 2021 / Patheos Segment 4: Ali Alexander Suggests He Won’t Cooperate With DOJ, Says Democrats Want to ‘Usher in a New World Order’

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