Truth Wanted 05.16 04-22-2022 with ObjectivelyDan and Willow the Wendigo


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It’s Friday, it’s 7p Central, and you know what that means! Tonight, Objectively Dan is joined by his first supernatural creature, shaking the very foundations of his worldview. Welcome WIllow the Wendigo! This week’s illustrious Patron of the Week is Maxxxwell Carlisle! Gracias, merci, danke, however you say it, thanks for the support! Chelsea’s up first, she’s dealing with a toxic relationship with her mother. Dan asks if the relationship is salvageable, and Chelsea asks for some details on the dynamic. Both hosts recommend surrounding yourself with people who are a positive influence, and reassure our caller that it’s ok to draw a line in the sand when it comes to the people in your life. Family isn’t who you’re related to genetically, family are the people who accept and love you! Alison used to be a ghost hunter, and sadly, didn’t find any in ten years of investigation. We get an insight into some of the flawed techniques of ghost hunting in the media, and then we get an epic story that would make for a great Scooby Doo episode, you’ll have to listen to this one! Zoinks! Next up is Chadwick who wants to talk about the different versions of the Bible, and how we arrived at our current iteration. Dan’s got some great insights on how this book has been shaped for the agenda of those choosing what’s included, and Willow points out that the works attributed to Paul are the true framework of what we know as Christianity. We’re gonna riff on the subject of Paul’s influence on early Christianity for a bit, and end up agreeing that early Christians…. didn’t agree. Ernie in Canada asks about why hateful bigots are platformed on certain internet sites that shall remain unnamed, and our hosts commiserate. Awful people gonna awful Ernie. Good grief… it’s Jon in Canada again. Willow absolutely owns this weak-ass apologist, and he retreats to the Arctic. Poor Dan didn’t even get to weigh in, but really, did he need to? Shoulda have known better than to tangle with a wendigo Jon. That’s a wrap folks, and in case you were wondering, next week’s guest is probably definitely mayyybe not a cannibalistic cryptid.

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