Truth Wanted 05.18 05-06-2022 with ExXtian Erin and Neil the 604 Atheist


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Hellooo fellow combers of candor, it’s Friday night, and this week ExXtian Erin will be joined by Neil the 604 Atheist, a familiar face from the ACA show Non-Prophets, and host of his very own Youtube channel featuring deconversion stories. It’s a Canadian takeover, and no, we will not apologize. We will, however, feast upon poutine and be terrorized by geese. This week’s Patron of the Week is Freethinker 215! Many thanks, but we’re still waiting on cheques from freethinkers 1 thru 214. Patrick wants to talk about overpopulation and the tendency of religion to encourage procreation in the interest of making more Christians. Neil thinks that part of this might be a holdover from an age before modern medical care, when juvenile mortality was much higher. Both hosts touch on how education is the key to healthy skepticism, and agree that the younger generations seem to be breaking the cycle of indoctrination. Up next is Sven, who asks our hosts if they believe that a soul is intrinsic to the human experience. Neither Erin nor Neil have seen evidence of consciousness existing outside a physical body, so one might say this is a… no-brainer? I’ll show myself out. We’ll dabble in the potentiality that souls might be real and we haven’t figured them out yet, but until we can demonstrate it, we’re not convinced. Mark had a brush with death that reinforced his atheism. This is a great perspective from an atheist in his 70’s, Mark’s takeaway from almost dying is that kindness is paramount. Couldn’t agree more ol’ timer! We appreciate this nugget of wisdom! Finally we have some more international representation! Isaiah in South Korea missed the community that religion offers, until Jesus paid him a visit one lonely night. Our hosts quiz Isaiah on how Jesus changed his mind, but he’s reticent to describe the experience. It’s tough to parse your conversion without details! Spill that tea! That’s a wrap folks, join us next week for a very special episode as Dan joins the Secular Student Alliance live at the University of Texas! This episode will be a fundraiser for SSA, and we’ll be joined by some very special guests as we promote this great cause, don’t miss it!

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