How Falcons came up big to beat Cleveland Browns in ‘big boy fight’ | Falcons Final Whistle


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Scott, Tori and Ashton broke down the Falcons’ big win over Cleveland on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the second straight victory earned through clutch performance in the fourth quarter. They talk about the impact of the Falcons run game and their opportunistic defense on this game and this early season, paced by stars Cordarrelle Patterson and Grady Jarrett, and why fourth-quarter performance will have a huge impact on the 2022 season as a whole. Timecodes: (00:00:15): Intro, overall impressions of victory over Browns (00:05:34): Why each Falcons game is coming down to the wire (00:10:42): How Caleb Huntley, Tyler Allgeier ignited offensive efficiency, sparked late-game surge (00:13:41): Why Falcons defense has been able to come through big both early and late (00:17:23): What we’ve learned about Falcons after four games

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