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After fully two years of mildly hassling him, our Fifth Beatle Lewis has finally come on the show! He's here to drop some knowledge about Afghanistan and critique some common left wing positions about the war (as well as the war itself, of course). Also featuring a fascinating and alarming digression about the NSW-Sudan war. We have a regular show for you too - we're serving up...

Positivity Corner: Australian neo-Nazis have been impressively infiltrated by journalists and their numbers are dropping as a result. This is the Yeah Nah video about Jarrad Searby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMvu6HYhlJ8

SPOTW: There was a great thread riffing on Zac's meme with Rex Patrick's submarine costume, plus a lay-up assist to Holly for flying a kite at night

Coronas: It's bad! Numbers are rising rapidly in NSW and playgrounds are being closed in Victoria.

First Nations: Surprising absolutely no one, it turns out that when Aboriginal people are put in charge of their own healthcare management they do really, really well. Also unsurprisingly, the colonial government is exposing First Nations communities to unnecessary risk.

Fashy Australia: Really this could have been every segment... but two refugees are suing the Australian Government for illegally imprisoning them on Nauru as children.

Mains: What's up with Afghanistan, and the withdrawal, and the Taliban, and Australia's war crimes, and so on?

And you'll just have to listen to the end for our Pupdate! ft. Lewis's doge Koca.

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