Back To The Future #90! + 2 Years On Eruption - The Eruption Sessions


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Roll up roll up… time for some new dnb. Back To The Future #90 aka my 2nd year of being on! Following a few months of ‘other shows’ like new hardcore with Uplift, the Critical Show, Fokus & XS and Spectrasoul amongst others it’s been a while since i’ve just played some new stuff… Well here you go… Lots of amazing music from the last few months right up to date. A 3From a fantastic Bristolian imprint, lots of mixing and tracks from across the scene. What you’d come to expect from us! Intro Icicle - Nostalgia (Vision) Trex - All I Want (Metalheadz) Mix 1 Need For Mirrors - Santana In The Moonlight (Soul In Motion) Octane, DLR & Script - Set Up The Set (DLR’s ‘Clash’ VIP) (Dispatch) Dub Phizix - Bleng (Extended Mix) (SenkaSonic) Jolliffe & Molecular - Cuts & Communication (Dispatch) Dr Meaker - The Neutron (Symmetry) Dunk - Zumbi Zoo (Dispatch) Judda - Dark Sky (Dispatch) Objectiv, Zoro & Lupo ft. Jappa - Papa’s Got Bag (Dispatch) The Sauce - Round The Corner (The Sauce) Release - Step Trot (DSCI4) Molecular - Culture (Flexout) Dub Phizix - Who You Are (SenkaSonic) >> DLR & Total Science - Back Track (C.I.A) Dunk & Jabaru - Dry (Dispatch) Submotive & Krakota - Poisoned (Metalheadz) 3From - Sofa Sound Bristol Molecular & Freddy B - Light the Fire DLR - Sucker Punch Kolectiv & ZeroZero - Muffin Business Mix 2 Arcatype - Gooseberry (Carbon) >> Mosaic - Jigsaw (Dispatch) SD - Bugs (Delta9) Mortlock (UK) - Envoy (Carbon) Future Cut - Busted (Submotive remix) (Metalheadz) FD - Double Drizzle (The North Quarter) Minor Forms - Snooker (C.I.A) Winslow - Disappointment Riddim (Hospital) >> Total Science & War - Second Wave (Function) SD - Dry Martini (Dispatch) Jack Boston & Tenisha Edwards - This Time (Symmetry) GLXY - New Day (Shogun) Noisia - Leopard SLug (Halogenix remix) (Vision) Winslow & PRSPKTV - Slapbox Funk (Hospital) Last One Zero T ft. Aaliyah Espirit - Something Got Me (The North Quarter)

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