Back To The Future - The Eruption Sessions - Soulful Summer Vibes (2022)


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Not a podcast, but a really fun show on Eruption! A little Summer present from me to you! A selection of Soulful tracks…with an edge (you know me). These are tracks from around the last year and some fresh stuff from July 2022. Perfect for those very, very, very long drives. Sit back, relax and enjoy… well nod your head at least… or tap a toe...something… Enjoy. Intro Slay ft. Lenzman/A Little Sound - Taste of Gold (Hospital) Alix Perez - Desanka (1985) LSB - Find A Way (Footnotes) Mix 1 Zero T, Mercy's Cartel & Onj - Rodeo Drive (The North Quarter) >> Monty & Visages - Vibin’ (1985) Workforce - Broken (Must Make Music) Monty ft. Eva Mango - I Knew (1985) Zero T, Jordan Max & Onj - Everyday Struggles (The North Quarter) >> QZB Ft. Gardna - Landline (Critical) GLXY ft. Hugh Hardie & Visionobi - Butterfly Effect (Nu:Tone remix)(Hospital) Monty, Redeyes & [ K S R ] - Almond (Five Alley) Klinical,Sydeney Bryce & Duskee - My Own (Critical) >> Lurch - Jazz Hands (Intrigue) Phase Ft. Tyler Daley - Only One (Metalheadz) FRS, Javeon & En:vy - Passenger (Shogun) Duskee & SL8R - Evolving (Shogun) Winslow ft. T.R.A.C - Breaking News (Hospital) 3From - The North Quarter Zero T & Aaliyah Esprit - Something Got Me Submorphics - Lucinda Zero T ft. Steo - This Condition Mix 2 Heron Low - Do 2 U (ThirtyOne) Nymfo - Head Spinnin’ (Spearhead) Heist - Sax Times (Co-Lab) Trex - All I Want (Metalheadz) Collette Warren & Dunk - Black Rainbow (CW) Heron Low - She Get It (ThirtyOne) Instra:mental & dBridge - What We Got (CNVX) GLXY ft. Rhi - Sweet Lows (Shogun) Mozey - Put Things Down (ThirtyOne) Need For Mirrors & Zero T - Liar Liar (Zoltar) Atlantic Connection - Situations (DLR remix) (Dispatch) Arcatype - Gooseberry (Carbon) Halogenix - IDGAF (Critical) LSB - Here With Me (Footnotes) Alix Perez, Liam Bailey - Moving On (Break remix) (1985) Last One MC Fokus - Fokusyn (Flexout Audio dub)

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