Will you accept this (fantasy) football-shaped rose?


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On this week's BallBlast Fantasy Football podcast, Kate, Michelle and Jake play the Bachelor! Who will they give their fantasy football roses to the 2021 fantasy football season? - Miles Sanders or JK Dobbins? - Austin Ekeler or Cam Akers? - Diontae Johnson or Chase Claypool? - TJ Hockenson, Mark Andrews, or Kyle Pitts? - Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow? Kate, Michelle and Jake discuss all of that and more on this week's BallBlast Fantasy Football podcast! Follow your hosts on Twitter! Kate Magdziuk: @FFBallBlast Michelle Magdziuk: @BallBlastEm Jake Trowbridge: @JakeTrowbridge Be sure to check out BallBlastFootball.com for more league-winning fantasy football advice and consider supporting the team on Patreon at Patreon.com/BallBlast. Support the BallBlast Fantasy Football podcast by supporting our sponsors! This episode was brought to you by FanDraft. Take your league’s fantasy football draft to the next level, with "FanDraft": The Online Fantasy Football Draft Board. FanDraft makes your draft feel like the actual NFL draft with features such as a streaming ticker, live draft clock, custom logos, team walk up songs, multiple draft board displays and more. FanDraft can be used offline for in-person drafts, by exporting the display via projector or onto a large screen TV for the league to enjoy. It can also be used fully online, and any number of your league owners can join the draft remotely. You can perform both Traditional and Auction style drafts. FanDraft also supports IDPs, Rookie Only Drafts, Keepers, and just about any customization to meet your league requirements. Make sure to use promo code "BALLBLAST15" to save 15% off your purchase of the best draft board EVER at FanDraft.com! This episode was also brought to you by Underdog Fantasy. It's Best Ball SZN at @UnderdogFantasy! Shoot your shot at $1,000,000 on the slickest fantasy app for Best Ball drafts. Use code "BALLBLAST" and get $100 back guaranteed if you don't love the app in addition to one month of FREE premium content at Patreon’s $10 tier, including betting content, access to our Slack Channel for on-demand fantasy football advice, early access to content and more!

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