What You STILL Don't Know About Our Relationship (feat. Ash)


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On this episode, Ash and I sit down to expand upon a topic that we previously discussed in Episode 73, our relationship!

If you haven't listened to Episode 73, go back, listen, and then revisit this episode at another time!

Following that episode, we received A TON of DMs and texts thanking us for opening up, explaining how they could relate to some of the same struggles, and really just showering us with love and support.

However, we also had folks reach out to express their concern in regards to our relationship and upcoming marriage. As much as we appreciated the sentiment, we quickly realized that we needed to record a follow-up episode.

Our relationship is not in jeopardy by any means! We are in a great place. Sure, like any couple we are working on a few things, but overall, we are incredibly happy and excited to see what the Lord has planned for our life together.

All that said, we wanted to pull back the curtain one more time to let ya'll in on all the shit that we LOVE about our relationship!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!

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