Bryan Minniti Former Assistant GM MLB 21 years w/MLB Clubs in front office leadership (Part 2)


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Baseball Outside the Box with Your Host Peter Caliendo.

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Bryan Minniti Former Assistant GM MLB 21 years w/MLB Clubs in front office
leadership. Bryan started as an intern in college with the Pirates to
Director of Baseball Operations. Was Assistant GM with the Phillies,
Diamondbacks and Nationals. He had to deal in all operations in Baseball
Operations, Rules Compliance, Transactions, Budgeting and Contracts. Also
involved in trades, was an amateur as well as international scout. Bryan has
a bachelor’s in science and a double math major and statistics at the
University of Pittsburgh.

This is an explosive discussion which covers so many areas of the game of
baseball in the front office as well as on the field. And listen to Bryans
fearless decision to run for President of the WBSC, Executive Board Member
at Large, Chair of the Baseball Division and Vice Chair of the Baseball


* Our time in Slovenia for the WBSC European Baseball/Softball
* 10 quick question and answers so the audience gets to know Bryan.
* How he got started in baseball.
* Advice for young people getting into the game as an intern.
* Advice to young people in skills they should learn before they begin
an internship or job interviews.
* What type of people does Bryan like to hire and skills he looks for
in them.
* Sacrifice for something you love to do is worth it because
eventually good things will happen.
* How he went from working front office to Director Baseball
Operations for the Pirates.
* How he went from Director Baseball Operations to Assistant GM.
* Qualities of a successful GM’s he worked with.
* When evaluating talent as a group of GM, Assist GM, Scouts, etc,
does it look like the scenes in Moneyball?.
* How important listening skills are.
* Building relationships and trust with your staff are critical to
managing of people.
* Have you had to fire people and how did you do it? Scene from
* There are so many great things to learn here.
* We also cover his move to go to Slovenia European meetings.
* His decision to get nominated by a couple countries for President of
WBSC, Executive Board Member at Large, Chair Baseball Commission and Vice
Chair BB Commission.
* Listen and learn so much from this episode.

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