Empowering Families Through Education and Coaching with Emily Smith


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Emily is the founder of The Blissful Bebe and a newborn care specialist based out of Southern California offering overnight, 24/7, and travel support for families during the 4th trimester. She is also currently growing her business to support families virtually, both for newborn consults and sleep support.

As a former educator and nanny, Emily found her love for supporting families in the 4th trimester and beyond, paying particular attention to the emphasis on parent education, setting a family up for long term success, and the importance of building rapport and trust within the caregiver and parent relationship.

On this episode Emily shares:

- Why she believes that empowering families through education and coaching is the key to success

- Her strategies for building trust with families during their postpartum experience

- How she balances her own philosophies with the varying parenting styles of her clients


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theblissfulbebe/

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