Finding Happiness as a Mother and Entrepreneur with Heather Reed


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Heather Reed is a Happiness Coach for Moms, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach, and a Certified Vision Integration Method Coach. Heather is passionate about serving moms by providing a space where they can reconnect to themselves with the support of a loving community and expert resources. By providing programs, courses and classes, she empowers moms to embrace the idea that their life balance and unencumbered joy is vital to a fulfilled and happy life for themselves and their families! It’s her mission to help moms simplify, reduce stress, improve their marriages, refocus on themselves, and bring more calm into their homes. Heather is breaking generational cycles, disrupting the “motherhood martyrdom” and creating space for freedom, passion, and joy to moms worldwide.

On this episode Heather shares:

- Her best strategies for thriving and achieving true happiness as both a mom and entrepreneur

- Why moms fall victim to “Motherhood Martyrdom”

- Her own truth about why she decided to pivot from sleep coaching into happiness coaching, and what that has looked like so far




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