Helping Families to Identify their WHY with Lucia Oliveira


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Lucia is a Certified Sleep Consultant through Center for Pediatric Sleep Management and the founder of Dreaming of Lulubies. She is also a master Bar Method instructor. Lucia is originally from Portugal but is now living in New Jersey with her husband and two-year-old son Gabriel. She particularly enjoys working with first time moms, helping them to navigate out of the stress and anxiety that comes along with those sleepless nights. Lucia describes her approach as both empowering and mindful, and it is her mission to take families from sleep deprivation to sleep rejuvenation.

On this episode Lucia shares:

- Her process for coaching parents to identify the WHY behind their desire to make a change to the way their child sleeps

- How this time of discovery ultimately leads to success for her clients

- Her own WHY for becoming a sleep consultant, and how she’s doing just four months in!





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