Navigating the Gentle Parent with Ailish Lewis


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Ailish works to help families from pregnancy to preschool as a hypnobirthing childbirth educator, holistic birth coach and consultant, reiki practitioner, doula, and gentle sleep and parenting coach. She also works for Postpartum Support International CT chapter and recently opened her own space in Manchester CT. Ailish is not only a graduate of Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, she has also completed her certification as a Jai Institute parenting coach that focuses on attachment science and gentle responsive parenting. She melded what she’s learned in both courses to help families navigate their parenting goals all while getting some sleep!

On this episode we discuss:

- Whether or not sleep training compromises attachment

- The differences between “gentle parenting”, “responsive parenting” and “permissive parenting”

- How to attract clients that practice “attachment parenting” and what it looks like to support these families as they work towards their sleep goals




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