Brewers Roundtable with Art Is An Ale, Crafty Bear, Freddo Fox


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This week I had joining me three excellent and relatively new breweries.

  • Art Is An Ale is the first French brewery to join the roundtables. Based in the Loire valley they operate a brewery and pub that started in 2019. They have a tourist and local market and are trying to divide production of beers betwen these two and what they want to brew themselves.
  • Freddo Fox started in Barcelona in 2021. They rapidly set out to differentiate themselves with their beers and their style. They have never brewed a beer twice but are now looking at selecting a core range.
  • Crafty Bear is a Dublin based brewery that started just prior to the pandemic. They've slowly built a core range and are now planning on adding to that with regular and seasonal specials.

We chatted about the different markets, the finances and planning in a brewery, the experience of starting a brewery around a pandemic, introducing craft beer to non-beer cultures and much more.

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