Brewers Roundtable: Kürish and Nova Runda


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This week we had Janis and Robert from Kürish in Latvia joining Miro from Croatia's Nova Runda for a chat that covered beer styles, a discussion of Gypsy Brewing versus owning your own equipment, a walkthrough of how Kürish started their brewing (with pictures of the set-up), the obligatory cans v bottles chat, the effect of COVID on craft brewing, crowdsourcing and much more.

Nova Runda began as homebrewers turned gypsy brewers in Croatia in 2013. They were the first craft brewery in the country and they have grown by initially focusing on their local market, building a following, and crowd-sourcing. They moved into their own brewery in 2019 and have since started exporting.

Kürish in Latvia started also as homebrewers, selling to fellow students. In 2019 they bought a small brewery set-up and increased their volume. This started selling out quickly and they have since moved to gypsy brewing.

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