Brewers Roundtable with CoolHead Brew🇫🇮, Alefarm🇩🇰, and Cerveja Lince🇵🇹


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This week we have 3 exciting brewers from Denmark, Finland, and Portugal to chat about their experiences in beer and brewing.

  • AleFarm are the first brewery to join us from Denmark. They're a family run brewery making clean, barrel-aged, and mixed fermentation beers.
  • Cerveja Lince are based in Lisbon where they combine a brewery and taproom. They donate a percentage of their revenues to help preserve the Lynx (hence their name).
  • CoolHead was founded in 2016 determined to put to put Finland in the craft beer world map. They recently moved into a a unique 1500 m2 glass building that used to serve as a greenhouse in the heart of Helsinki.

It's another interesting mix of brewers and unique markets and a fascinating chat that covered local scenes, raw ales, salted liquorice sours, low-alcohol and lots more.

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