International Gruit Day with Lahnsteiner, Dundulis, and Rhombus


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To mark International Gruit Day on February 1 we hosted a very special chat with three experts in both the history and brewing of this traditional low-hop beer style.

  • Dr. Markus Fohr is the organiser of International Gruit Day, head of Lahnsteiner Brauerei, German Champion of Beer Sommeliers, and specialist in Gruit Beer.
  • Stoycho Pampov is the founder of Rhombus Brewery in Bulgaria, a brewery that love to experiment and take interest in traditional brewing methods
  • Simonas Gutautas from Dundulis Brewery in Lithuania is an archaeologist who became a brewer. With Dundulis he spends a lot of time researching and brewing traditional beers, including Gruits.

We'll be chatted about the history of Gruits, their place in modern brewing, and why these brewers are so fascinated with them and answered plenty of questions about the actual brewing of gruits and how homebrewers can start experimenting.

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