75 \\ How to Make Your Website Convert So You Can Get More Coaching Clients in Your Online Business | Interview with Kristin Fitch


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Want to learn how to make your website convert like crazy?!

Well get ready friend, because today's podcast guest is going to tell you how.

Kristin Fitch is an online business growth coach, faith-led entrepreneur & the podcast host of her show, "Make Beautiful Things."

Her mission is to help you to create and build organic traffic online to grow your business with more intention and ease.

Using the strategies she talks about on today's episode, she was able to grow an online audience to over 10 million, with 38 million page views, as well as an email list with 50 thousand people on it!

Kristin is a go-to expert when it comes to knowing how to build a website that converts!

Get ready for practical tips to improve your website conversion rate & get more coaching clients!

Xoxo, Camie

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