81 \\ How to Keep the Spark With Your Husband, Even When You’re Busy Running Your Coaching Business. Marriage Advice Ahead!


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Get ready for some "husband homework" at the end of today's episode, friend!

Today we're chatting about how to keep the spark alive with your husband, even when you're busy running a coaching business.

Because here's the truth: Your marriage is your first ministry.

God will not be impressed if you get to Heaven with a 6 figure coaching business & a marriage that is hanging on by a thread.

& this is good news! Because this means all the amazing plans God has for your business will not come at the expense of your husband (or your children for that matter).

So if you've been feeling like lately the connection between you & your man is a little..blah, then this episode is for you!

I'm giving you 5 pieces of marriage advice to keep the spark with your hubs, even as a busy online entrepreneur!

Let's do it!

Xoxo, Camie

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