229: The 6 Money Mistakes High School/College Students MUST Avoid


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Most college students know next to nothing about money. Even worse, many of them sign on to expensive student loans with almost no plan on how they’re going to pay it back. While this is the average, some people, like Nathan Kennedy, host of The New Money Podcast, did things differently.

Although he overspent a bit going out in college, Nathan graduated with a degree and $40,000 in cash, a MASSIVE amount for any college student. Through applying for grants, working at on-campus jobs, and collecting tip money as a bartender, Nathan was able to graduate in a solid position, allowing him to invest heavily in the stock market during the 2020 crash.

Now, Nathan teaches others how they can strengthen their financial position through hard work, planning, and constant content consumption. If you have children who are in high school, college, or are newly graduated, send them this episode so they can have a leg up on future finances!

In This Episode We Cover

The importance of tracking your expenses and budgeting properly

Vision boards, daily logs, and other ways to plan for your success

Pursuing grants and scholarships WHILE school is in session

Becoming a constant content consumer

Money mistakes that many college students make (and how to avoid them)

Making time for health, fitness, and no-phone relaxation

And So Much More!

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