Elias Arjan: RAADFest, Increasing Number of Depression, and Transitioning to a Healthier Society


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In this episode of the Biohacking Beauty podcast, Elias Arjan shares what RAADFest is as well as the idea behind “n=1”. He also explains in detail the “Five Factors of Health” and why they’re important. He then speaks about the increased amount of depression diagnoses in America during the pandemic and what possible factors may be driving it.

Elias Arjan is on a mission to bridge the evidence-based approach of the life sciences with the rapidly expanding world of personal wellness. As a founder, consultant, analyst, researcher and educator he works in a multitude of ways to make this vision a reality. Additionally Elias' expertise in wearable technology, sales and communication have made him a sought after consultant and advisor to leading health and wellness brands.

What we discussed:

0:00 - Intro

0:52 - What is RAADFest?

2:30 - Is it possible for us to live beyond 100 years old?

4:43 - What does “n=1” means and how it measures efficacy?

6:38 - Why are epigenetics important in terms of health?

10:36 - What’s the difference between “potential” and “expression”?

11:25 - What are psychometrics and why are they commonly undervalued?

18:00 - How the microbiome can impact our health

20:07 - Why do we need to have our bloodwork done?

24:51 - How biometrics allows us to measure citizen science

28:43 - What’s the next phase of biometrics?

35:22 - Are we developing an unhealthy relationship with biometrics?

38:19 - Recent statistics on the number of depression diagnoses

41:23 - The raise of the bottom of the brain stem

43:12 - What can be developed in the future to reach immortality?

46:50 - Why do we need to find our synthesis?

52:05 - How can we transition to a healthier society?

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