18: Emilia Dewi: How Your Lymphatic System, Daily Diet, and Overall Health Affects Your Skin


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Did you know that your biological age is different than your chronological age? Your cells and organs have ages that vary from your regular age. Looking younger goes so much deeper than what skincare products you are using, it depends on how you are treating every system in your body.

One system of the body our guest, Emilia Dewi, dives into today is one of the most underrated systems, yet one that must not be neglected: Your Lymphatic System. Emilia explains how there is a connection between your overall health, the areas in the bodies that are in charge of circulation and clearing out toxins, and our skin.

Emilia an occupational therapist, lymphedema and lymphatic specialist, myofascial release practitioner, public speaker, coach and mentor. She has been working with people with lymphatic dysfunction, cancer, and neurological conditions for the last 10 years.

In this episode, you're going to learn how the lymphatic system functions, why it is important to keep it running optimally, what we should do if it is not running optimally, how it affects our overall health, how it affects our skin, and ways in which we can improve the way we look through taking care of our lymphatic system.

What we discuss:

4:30 - What is the Lympathic System?

7:00 - What are our lymphatic nodes and why are they important?

9:00 - Why the food and water you ingest is so important for lymphatic health

11:00 - How fascia and trauma are connected to skin health

19:00 - Gua Sha

22:00 - Issues with common facial treatments

25:00 - Number one thing to do for skin health

27:00 - Your biological age vs. chronological age

34:00 - What we can do for a healthy lymphatic system

36:00 - Breathing and your lymphatic system

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