Baystate Business: Cybersecurity Issues (Radio)


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Bloomberg Baystate Business for Wednesday, August 25th, 2021 - Bloomberg News White House reporter Josh Wingrove on Congressman Moulton’s Afghanistan visit and the criticism he is receiving for the trip (3:07) - Ben Bradford of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council on their annual report on the state of the biopharma industry in Massachusetts (16:06) - Anne Mostue reports on the controversy surrounding mask mandates in Massachusetts, followed by Bloomberg News reporter Anna Edney on the new Covid data that is driving school mask mandates (25:00) - Boston Business Journal reporter Jessica Bartlett on the new MGH study that shows football games did not lead to Covid spread (32:46) - David Friend, CEO of Wasabi, on the impact of the pandemic on his company and issue of remote work vs. return to the office (39:23) - Bloomberg News reporter Anna Edgerton on the meeting today between the CEOs of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft with President Biden to talk cyber-security (52:26) - Anne Mostue reports on the TV ads and spending of the candidates for Mayor of Boston (58:42) - Janet Wu reports on the acquisition of Spuce by Sweetgreen, with interviews of the CEO of Sweetgreen and the advisor who helped the MIT students who founded Spuce (1:12:53) Hosts: Tom Moroney, Joe Shortsleeve and Kim Carrigan Producer: Dan Pierce

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