Bloomberg Opinion Radio: Weekend Edition for 10-15-21 (Podcast)


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Hosted by June Grasso. Guests: Brooke Sutherland, a Deals and Industrials Columnist, on her column: "International Travel Is Easier Than You Think." Nir Kaissar, an Opinion Columnist covering Markets, on his column: "The Era of Mutual Funds Is Dying. Long Live ETFs." Scott Kominers, an Opinion Columnist and the MBA Class of 1960 Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, on his column: "Nobel Winners Revolutionized Labor Economics." Alexis Leondis, a Personal Finance Columnist, on her column: "Don't Let Stock Options Keep You Stuck in a Job." Virginia Postrel, an Opinion Columnist and Visiting Fellow at the Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy at Chapman University, on her column: "Starbucks Turns 50 and Still Fuels Its Rivals."

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