Ep. 33: Springing back


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Did the Blue Jays’ season come to a fork in the road on Wednesday night with George Springer’s pinch hit single to break a 0-0 tie, and propel the Jays to a win, to avoid being swept by the Orioles, and to ensure they didn’t waste a spectacular effort from Ross Stripling? Well, obviously we can’t tell the future, but the mood around the team — or at least the fan base — certainly feels like it has been lifted in a major way. The good vibes continued through game one of a four-banger against the Yankees in the Bronx — a 9-2 victory featuring not just five hits from Springer, but a badly needed gem from José Berríos, and Yusei Kikuchi’s improbable transformation from maligned starter into folk hero reliever! On this week’s episode we talked about all that, Stripling’s future, Vlad’s Yankee Stadium Special, Mitch White, Alek Manoah, and more! Download the Callin app for iOS and Android to listen to this podcast live, call in, and more! Also available at callin.com

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