Jays Talk Plus: Group Therapy Concern Index + Farm System Rankings


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Drew Fairservice of the "Spin Rate" podcast joins Blake Murphy to chat about Jackie Bradley Jr.'s role with the Jays, the reasoning behind his signing, how concerning a potential long stint on the IL from George Springer could be, and the evolution of Alek Manoah on the mound (05:07). Afterward, Blake reads your tweets and texts to determine the Jays fans' concern index (28:20). ESPN's Kiley McDaniel breaks down his farm system rankings across MLB, how Toronto climbed the ranks, the difficulties of being in win-now mode while maintaining a future crop of players, and when he sees Gabriel Moreno returning to the Majors (50:42). We wrap up with The Athletic's Jen McCaffrey, who shares her thoughts on the outlook of the current Red Sox core group, how she sees the Jays using Bradley Jr. at this stage of his career, and what he brought to Boston's clubhouse (01:14:00).

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