Episode 35: How to Avoid New Millionaire Syndrome w/ Halimah DeOliveira


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On this weeks Episode Halimah shares a portion of her 2020 Plan for Year 3 of the Boss Hijabi Preneur Podcast. She also lets us in on what "New Millionaire Syndrome is and of course how to avoid it. She wants to ensure that every Boss Hijabi is winning in business and life. In the upcoming weeks we will be interviewing women across different industries and posing the questions in the podcast and receiving their tips, resources and best practices for success in business. Please share this episode and tag your fave Muslim Businesses that support your business or lifestyle; Where do you shop for food, clothes, cosmetics? Do you have financial investments? Do you own a home? Where do you travel? Etc. We would love to have them as our guests on the podcast to share tools, tips and resources we can use to be Productive Women of Faith in our personal and professional lives. Love the Inspiration from our podcast? Want more? Follow us on ALL Social Media platforms @beyouinhd THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE BOSS HIJABI PLANNER YOU CAN GRAB YOUR 2020 PLANNER IN THE Be You In HD, store at www.beyouinhd.com The boss Hijabi planner was created with the PRODUCTIVE MUSLIM WOMAN IN MIND ENSURING THAT SHE STAYS SUPER PRODUCTIVE WHILE KEEPING UP WITH THE THINGS THAT ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO HER. WE HAVE A SECTION TO INPUT PRAYER TIMES ON THE DAILY CALENDAR; OUR CALENDAR IS A 12 MONTH UNDATED SO YOU CAN START USING THE PLANNER ANYTIME….. Our Planner Includes:⠀ ⠀ -2 PAGES F Tips for all 4 quarters⠀ -90 Day Flawless Execution Plan⠀ -2 page Vision Board⠀ -Space TO INPUT 5 daily prayer schedule⠀ -Gratitude Tracker⠀ -Goal Tracker⠀ -Bucket List⠀ -Achievement tracker ⠀ -Monthly Tabs⠀ -Note Section and so much more⠀ ⠀ Bonuses:⠀ -Free Shipping⠀ -Free LIVE Virtual Tutorial December 28, 2019⠀ -Free Quarterly Planning call for first 100 Buyers ⠀ ⠀ You owe it to yourself to invest in a planner made just for you.....A Productive Woman of Faith!!!⠀Grab your copy here --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bosshijabipreneur/support

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