EP41: Day 9/30: The Boss Of My Money Accountability Group


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I'm frequently asked, "Esther, how did you pay off your debts, become a saver, and buy your house in three years with no financial background or a Great Aunt who passed away and left you thousands of pounds?" The short answer is that I mastered key financial principles and laid a solid foundation for myself. As I always say, personal finance management is a way of life, not a destination. It's now our way of life.

So, to assist even more people, I've decided to teach my exact Financial Success process in my group accountability programme so that more 9-5 professionals like you can have your hard-earned money working as hard for you as you do for it!

In a few weeks, I'll be launching this group, which will be small and intimate. Only about 20 people will most likely be able to attend. Click the link to be added to the interest list and be notified as soon as doors open. Join the waitlist here."


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