Brother Enemy (1981) feat. Dante Fontana


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In this deceptively charming yet complicated film by Russell S. Doughton Jr., the director of the very popular apocalyptic Christian film A THIEF IN THE NIGHT, a ragtag group of lost and lonely youth are pushed to the brink when their after school basketball practice is cancelled for two entire months so the gym can be taken over by a famous Christian puppeteer. In a fit of vengeful rage, they trash puppeteer David Wiemer’s studio, but their plan is foiled when they get arrested and the judge sentences them to help out with the same puppet show they nearly destroyed. One by one, David uses the power of puppetry to bring the kids to Christ, but he must confront each of his mentees’ personal traumas along the way. Our longtime friend Dante Fontana, a talented DJ and video artist who has been creating found footage mixtapes and contributing video collages to Everything Is Terrible for a decade, shows us this fascinating film and teaches us about the influential Iowa-based Christian film production companies Heartland Films and Mark IV Productions.

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