Rooster Hall Racing (RHR)


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Walking through the paddock at any motorsports event affords you the ability to see a lot of really cool things. Everything is designed to capture your attention and draw your eyes and ears to it. From the fast looking cars with their colorful liveries and ear-pleasing exhaust notes to the giant flags denoting the team garages. But this weekend one logo really stands out among the crowd, and that’s the giant Red Rooster emblazoned on the BMW M4 of Rooster Hall Racing.

Rooster Hall Racing (RHR) traces its roots to 2002 with the purchase of a highly modified E30 M3. Today the team campaigns cars in BMW CCA Club Racing and SRO America. Team owner Todd Brown, and Lead Driver Johan Schwartz join us to talk about supporting cars in both series, the history of RHR, and some great paddock stories.

This episode is brought to you by SRO Motorsports America and their partners at AWS, Crowdstrike, Fanatec, Pirelli, and the Skip Barber Racing School.

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