The Drive Thru #27 - Allegedly ”Air Quotes” sponsored by Money Gram! #endquote


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The Drive Thru is our monthly recap where we’ve put together a menu of automotive, motorsport and random car-adjacent news. Tune in for Episode #27 where we celebrate Halloween with some trunk-or-treating along with Open Wheel Racing & Formula One as our showcase!!

  • 8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules
  • Audi and Porsche are still setting F1 goals!
  • Say it ain't so... Danny Ric is OUT!
  • The HAAS-y future of Mick Schumacher?
  • When does the Money Gram F1 book come out? #richenergy
  • New news on Cadillac, BMW and Lamborghini LeMans Prototypes for LMDh
  • Ford runs of out Blue Ovals and all Rivians recalled!
  • Elon Musk says "Cybertrucks can serve *briefly* as a boat"
  • Honda lawn mower sets Guinness World Record!
  • Bubba Wallace & Kyle Larson!
  • Corvette C8.R coming to SRO World Challenge, and 2023 schedule reveal.
  • Best of Bathurst 1000 crash videos
  • Community News, brought to us by
  • Track Day Report
  • and much, much more!

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