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With Chuck out of the studio this week, Sam is joined by his good friend and Balsz School Board Member Christina Eichelkraut. Christina is a self-described policy wonk who is quite a bit more liberal than a typical Broken Potholes guest and she doesn’t shy away from a good debate.
Christina has lived in the Balsz School District since she moved to Arizona from Nevada in 2010.
In 2014 she moved to the Orangedale Neighborhood and became head of the Neighborhood Association as part of her efforts to get sidewalks on Virginia Avenue (an effort still ongoing -- contact her for details.) She was appointed to the Camelback East Village Planning Committee in 2019 after pointing out to the City Council her area -- south of Thomas -- had zero representation on the advisory board.
Christina has lived in Arizona for the past 12 years and has been a Cubs fan her entire life.
Her passion for public education and thriving school districts stems from her experience as a community print journalist in Nevada and Arizona. During the Great Recession, she covered urban and rural school districts and saw firsthand how communities suffer when public schools shutter due to lack of enrollment and funding.
These experiences led her to become an active civic participant in the Balsz School District. She has canvassed for overrides, ranted at the podium during school board meetings and is a tireless advocate for District initiatives. Christins always makes it a point to listen to and learn from district teachers, parents and staff – who are, after all, also her neighbors.
In 2014, Christina fully transitioned from print journalism into digital communications consulting for many Valley small- and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Currently, she is a marketing project manager for a Valley firm specializing in small business marketing.
Latching on to any excuse to bake bread or pastries, Christina has a tendency to ask for petition signatures with Tupperware in hand. She reads well past her bedtime and is happiest when clacking on her keyboard.
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