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This week on Broken Potholes, we continue to spread holiday cheer by highlighting a couple wonderful charities that are working hard to improve the lives of others nationwide.
First, we are joined by Rodney Smith Jr of Raising Men & Women Lawn Care. Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service is the union of an ordinary yard maintenance service and the commitment to establish an inspiring program to keep our youth (girls & boys) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society. RMLCS/RWLCS provides free lawn care to our elders, those who are disabled, single mothers and our veterans, who do not have the time, resources and/or money to take care of their yards. Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service is a 501(c)(3) organization. To get involved, visit
Later in the show, Eric Snelz of Helping Hands for Freedom. Helping Hands for Freedom has a primary mission of supporting the families of the fallen, wounded and deployed with emergency financial assistance. They provide emergency financial assistance through donated funds to help military and Gold Star families that have lost a loved one or are suffering with injuries from combat, including PTSD, TBI and moral injuries. To get involved, visit
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