Rodney Glassman on Fighting Government Overreach at All Levels


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This week on Broken Potholes, Republican candidate for Arizona Attorney General, Rodney Glassman, joins us in studio to talk about how the AG’s office has a crucial role to play in protecting Arizonans from government overreach at all levels.
Rodney Glassman moved to Tucson over twenty years ago to run his family business and study at the University of Arizona. Prior to graduating from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law and joining the United States Air Force JAG Corps Reserve, Rodney worked full time while earning his undergraduate degree in agricultural economics and a PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences. While in law school, at age 29, Rodney met his future wife and was elected to the Tucson City Council. He currently lives in Phoenix with his wife, Sasha and their two daughters.
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