Brown vs Brown: A Hostage Situation explicit


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Oleh Charles and Shirley ditemukan oleh Player FM dan komunitas kami — hak cipta dimiliki oleh penerbit, bukan Player FM, dan audio langsung didapatkan dari server mereka. Tekan tombol Berlangganan untuk mendapat setiap pembaharuan di Player FM, atau salin URL feed ke aplikasi podcast lainnya. We are the Browns, Charles & Shirley and we’re related through marriage. We’ve been together since we were 16 yrs old and have been married since 24. We often talk about things and end it with "that probably would've made a good show somewhere" sooo I forced her to make a show with me somewhere. We'll spend a lot of time talking about our personal journeys like fitness, business, work etc. as well as our takes on whats going on in pop culture. Our pop culture takes will be wildly uneducated since neither of us watches much tv because we don't have cable

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