191 : Marketing Trends & Shifts (What you Need to Know about Big Tech, Censorship & your Business Decisions)


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I enjoyed this conversation with Dave and I think you will too. If you want to know what to stop wasting your money on with your marketing, be sure to listen to this episode featuring Dave Scott.

During our conversation, Dave discusses how businesses need to craft a process, shifts that are happening with paid advertising and making sure that businesses are really clarifying their message.


Full stop.

When business owners are willing to be bold, it can make a huge shift in their ability to truly thrive.

Dave owns and runs a boutique digital marketing consulting firm where he cuts through the gimmicks and the hype to show businesses what really works. Dave and his team work with high-growth technology companies and E-Commerce organizations to help them grow using today’s best digital marketing tactics. Dave lives and works in West Fargo, North Dakota and in Minneapolis. He’s been featured in publications like as E-Commerce Consulting.com, the Good Men Project, and as a featured contributor in the upcoming book Get Acquired for Millions by Linda Rose.

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