207 : How Crystal went from a Brick & Mortar Business to an Online Business


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Last year when the pandemic hit, SO many businesses were affected - including Crystal Mallari's. In fact, Heather lives in Toronto, Canada and gyms still are not open (at time of recording). In this episode, Crystal and I talk about how she pivoted her brick and mortar business to being strictly online, how she lost 50% of her clients due to the pandemic and how she is leveraging social media and the internet to reach a wider audience than she ever could have with her brick and mortar gym.

Crystal is a Fitness Professional, Certified Mindset Specialist & Personal Growth Coach. She is the CEO of R3 Evolution Fitness and the creator of the R3VOLVELIFE Method, a Mind Body Transformation & Personal Development Coaching program. For the past 17 years, she has helped women crush self-sabotaging behaviours to create a healthy lifestyle and love the skin they're in!

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