208 : Get off of the Struggle Bus! Your Social Media Content Plan Starts Here


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Are you ready to get off the struggle bus? I am not here to sugar coat how to have success using social media OR to make this podcast episode really long. In this SUPER short episode, I'm sharing with you the TOP 2 things you must be doing if you want to see success in your business with social media. It's not rocket science, nor is it hard, but it does require you to own what you're good at, know who you're targeting and be able to communicate what you help them with. Sound easy enough? Tune into this week's episode as I talk more in depth into these two things that I have done and that I use with every single one of my clients that I work with on a monthly basis. If you found this podcast helpful and if you have done these suggested tips and found it to benefit you, would you let me know?

In this episode I mention my FREE 31 day content calendar. Check it out here : https://www.sweetteasocialmarketing.com/contentcalendar

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