227 : The Power of Creating Sales & Marketing Systems in Business


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We've all heard the saying, 'a confused mind doesn't buy'. So how do we alleviate confusion with potential buyers?

One way we can do that is to have systems in place for sales and marketing. Systems allow for us to be consistent and consistency in execution is what buyers want to see.

And it brings peace of mind to you as a business owner to not need to reinvent the process with each customer. Predictability equals profit.

I'm excited for this interview with Cyndi as she shares from her experience with sales systems and how you can be ready for Q1 of 2022.

In 2014, Cyndi said goodbye to the corporate world; quitting her job without a plan, but TRUSTING that it was the right decision.

Cyndi and her husband have built a successful business with lightning speed. Gain The Edge is the Sales Solution for industry leaders, providing ready-to-go sales teams and systems.

Cyndi’s strengths are developing world-class teams and creating cultures of commitment and results. Her faith, devotion, and discipline are the keys to her company’s growth.

Cyndi’s passion is contagious, and the energy she brings is undeniable. Cyndi’s leadership and experience combined with her magnetic personality make her an inspirational leader for all!

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