Business Unusual - Star Wars Day - a look at lessons from a galaxy far far away about what the future of the streaming wars holds.


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Netflix recently announced it had lost subscribers for the 1st time and expected to lose many more.
The question is why and what it means for the TV and movie disruptor.
Returning to a Star Wars analogy Netflix was founded as an alternative to the video empires of Blockbuster that would fine you for returning a video late, they opted to let you keep the video if you wanted but you could only get another when you returned it. They also pioneered using the mail to send and return the DVDs that were the standard in the 90’s
Their plan was for Blockbuster to acquire them and to grow with the dominant player. Blockbuster were not interested in being challenged and rejected the offer.
The video empire of Blockbuster had turned the video fans on the fringe of their business into rebels and they revolted.

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