Innovation and conflict


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It is sad that sometimes the unintended consequence of war is progress

It does not reflect well on humanity that following significant conflicts new technologies emerge that would have either taken longer to mature or would not have existed.

The League of Nations was formed to ensure there would never be another world war, we know that did not work, but following the 2nd world war, the United Nations was created to succeed where the League of Nations failed.

Would a world body to manage diplomacy have been created if not for a world war? Would the world have come together to create additional bodies like Unicef if not for the harm done to the innocent during those wars and would we have the richest nations paying to create the largest humanitarian organisation in the World Food Programme to acknowledge that humans deserve help everywhere and that hungry nations can’t be stable.

We routinely see rockets send satellites and more often humans into space now. Those rockets are the direct descendants of rockets first designed by Germany to bomb its enemies. Those same rockets carried us to the moon, but we probably would not have managed it, if there was not also a need for massive rockets to send nuclear bombs anywhere on the planet.

This is just a small sample of the recent innovations that came as a result of war. It is regrettable that without the risk of being defeated we are unwilling to allocate funds to find new solutions.

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