Episode 077: John Proudstar (feat. Nyla Rose & Steve Orlando)


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In Episode 77 of CEREBRO, All Elite Wrestling star and former Women's World Champion pro wrestler Nyla Rose joins returning guest Steve Orlando (Marauders) to rejoice in the resurrection of John Proudstar, the thorny Thunderbird! Memorialized by his teammates and his younger brother Warpath, fallen X-Man Thunderbird became more iconic to the franchise dead than alive. Now, in the age of Krakoa, Nyla and Steve have co-written a story where John defines himself as a person rather than a symbol.

The CEREBRO character file on Thunderbird begins at 28:03.

(Content Advisory: John's story includes racism and possible suicide.)

This episode has spoilers for Giant-Size Thunderbird #1 and X-Men Red #1! You are forewarned.

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